Moschino FW’20

The Moschino fall winter 2020 collection is nothing but fashion extravaganza, a gratuitous frivolity and over indulgence show. Jeremy Scott got his inspiration from Marie Antoinette – Marie Antoinette was the last Queen of France before the French Revolution.

Jeremy Scott is used to over the top style and designs and his political passion is as big as his designs on the runway. He said during an interview;“I’m always gearing up for the election. As Americans, we’ve been in perpetual nonstop debate. I would like a lot of people to leave the dance floor, but I’m not gonna say who because I’m gonna support whoever the fuck it is,” Jeremy Scott said, referring to the Democratic candidates. “I won’t say a negative thing about them. That’s only gonna help Trump and that’s the last thing I wanna do.”

The runway was filled with a pastel-coloured patisserie of models dressed in the 18th century-inspired outfits that looked like cakes, clothes designed with embroidery and floral prints and towering powdered wigs as high as eiffel tower. The accessories were thigh high boots, hoop earrings, baguette bags, gloves and the beauty looks were 18 century styled pastel wigs, with pink lips and cat eyeliner.

With all that’s going on in the British, American and Chinese government, rather  Jeremy Scott decided to use his designs to express his frustration in a good way – fashion!. He decided to use the revolutionary era to make a political fashion statement, he said; “My role is always to have a bit of a reprise from that and have some joyful and playful fun, because sometimes a bit of decadence is the best form of rebellion you can have, especially against some assholes.” Marie Antoinette whom he drew inspiration from, he has this to say about her; “I feel like she was a victim. I’m not tearing her down,” he said of the teenage queen, isolated from the real world.

Here is the full collection below:




Images: Getty Images