Gucci AW’20

The Gucci’s Fall winter 2020 collection was an expression of feelings, feelings that entails a child’s perfect world and also shunning the critics of outside world. The creative director – Alessandro Michele said during an interview at his show:

“In children’s clothes we see freedom and perfection. Childhood is a perfect world,” he said and paused. “You don’t have to justify anything you do.”

The looks were all vintage looks that featured some frocks, animal prints, velvets, ruffles and accessories like cross chain necklace, frock hats, bags and socks in shoes. The beauty looks were little to no make up i.e nude looks. The brand’s AW’20 is an eclectic collection that featured symbols of religion crosses, elements from nun’s habits, babydoll dresses, doll’s shoes, girly white socks and whimsical hats. The show proceedings looked similar to that of Michele Alessandro’s (Gucci’s Creative Director) purified expression last season.

The attendees were invited via e-invitation, WhatsApp to be precise, with voice message from Alessandro Michele sent from an Italian phone number, and signed in his name. It’s a good thing the brand is considering its environment whilst dropping trends back to back.

The brand’s AW’20 collection speaks of a world of fashion where the designer is doing his own communication whilst drawing his audience into that world, “I tried to place outside what is generally inside this circle,” Michele said of his show during an interview. It’s as if Michele is talking about how the world of fashion can be so irresistibly seductive but very religious about its presentation i.e fashion calendar.

He said; “I’m offering you this ritual in a religious way. You’re there to share it, like a religion, even if you don’t share everything, you feel like you belong.”

The collection is like the expression of ones old teenage years, and re-imagining that expression in the new modern generation. The expression that gives one a sense of belonging in the fashion world  and held on to from one fashion season to another.

“Last season was about my love of fashion. This time, I asked myself, why am I repeating this ritual time and again? I’m exhausted after a fashion show. It’s really tiring,” Michele said. “Being in the fashion world is like being an isolated nun. We travel around the world, always saying, ‘One day we’ll give up and do something else’. But that day never comes. Fashion is very powerful.”

Here is the full collection below: