Loewe’s New Fragrance Campaign

Nowadays, Fragrance campaign has always carried a signature, ‘less is more’. The new Loewe campaign featured Kris Grikaite and what more can we look for but less is more. In this campaign, the Russian model was dripping in gold for the Loewe’s Aura scent. Grikaite posed before a clean white backdrop and shot by Craig McDean who was not afraid to use his lens. Well the street talked, they were very impressed as a beauty shot especially in the world where perfume campaigns have become so literal and corny.

Some said it’s fun, creative and does not fail to impact. It does feel more like a beauty shot as opposed to a fragrance campaign. It’s dynamic and visually-arresting, it’s quite beautiful and always happy to see Kris Grikaite in anything. Campaign like this is a welcome change from the likes of Jennifer Lawrence’s pedestrian Joy by Dior campaigns.

While some criticized the photographer saying the lens and angle used offer no visual interest, some said Kris looks like she’s just survived a disaster. We say, it’s a genius idea ‘simple complexity’.


Covet’s Team