Home Design Trend For 2020

Our home deserve a make over year in, year out, from our kitchens to our laundry rooms and you don’t have to spend a fortune to add a little personality to your home sweet home. This coming 2020, we’ll be spending more time in our dinning rooms and bathrooms, thanks to the colourful accents and stylish seating. Checkout below for the home design trends set to make a splash in the coming year and some tips to update every room in your home:

Take a Seat

The best only seat in the bathroom may be the toilet, but that’s about to change. Come 2020 homeowners will be looking for more places to unwind and adding stools or built-in benches to their restrooms is a great place to start.

Image: Margot Hartford © 2018 Houzz

Add Warmth to White Kitchens

While white kitchens will still be trending, homeowners will be looking for ways to break up the monotony. Wood drawers, shelves and pullouts are easy ways to warm up the cool space.

Image: Kasia Fiszer © 2019 Houzz

Dining With Personality

We’re all pretty busy, but next year we’ll all be flocking to our dining rooms for all major meals. Why? Dining rooms are set to become centerpieces bursting with as much personality (via colours, patterns and lighting) as living rooms, bedrooms and more.

Image: Kristin Laing © 2018 Houzz

Tiles for Miles

We’re used to seeing tile decorating bathroom floors and now the material is spreading to our bathtubs. Wrapping your tub apron in tile is a great way to upgrade a standard tub. Not a tile fan? Try using wood or another material.

Image: Jessica Cain © 2019 Houzz

Soften Things Up

Homeowners will be looking to tone down their kitchens with softer shades, like light grays and blues. The more subdued hues are the perfect counterpoint to all those warmer white cabinets.

Image: Margaret Wright Photography © 2018 Houzz

Double or Nothing

Why have one floating vanity when you can have two? Double floating vanities are on the rise as people look to add more space and style to their bathrooms. Plus, it makes cleaning the floor a breeze.

Image: Heather Banks © 2018 Houzz

Wrap It Up

Add character to your powder room with eye-catching wallpaper. It’s just like topping off your look with a statement coat to really turn heads.

Image: Kristin Laing © 2018 Houzz

Laundry Night’s About to Get a Lot More Interesting

Transform your laundry room into a place everyone will want to be by adding perky colors, patterns and other intriguing features. It’ll make doing a few loads a lot more fun.

Image: Jessica Cain © 2019 Houzz

No More Neutrals

Neutrals may still be trending in fashion, but when it comes to your home, warmer, brighter colors are about to take over. Everything from coral to ocher will be popping up in 2020.

Image: Marni Epstein-Mervis © 2018 Houzz

Expand Your Range

Remember how we said white kitchens are about to get a whole lot warmer? So is your range hood. Incorporating a wooden accent brings a touch of texture and breaks up all that white.

Image: Rachel Loewen © 2019 Houzz