Discover The Christian Siriano Resort 2023 Collection

Christian Siriano Resort 2023 Collection

The Christian Siriano resort 2023 collection is filled with plenty of ruffles, tulle, evening wear, red carpet gowns, and practical everyday wear like wide-leg pants, midi dresses, cocktail dresses, sequins, e.t.c. His take on the midi dresses this season is saying the new way of wearing midi dresses. There were also some rushed detailing midi dresses but for some reason, I think we’re tired of seeing those on the runway. The ones that stood out amongst the midi dresses are the drapped ones around the shoulder, the cut-outs, the black and white midi dresses, the pink and black, and the ones with ruffles around the side leg slit.

That being said, cocktail dresses reign supreme in the collection, the one that I have a little bit of reservation about is the green sequin piece with cape and bow, I will say it’s rather too much. The new capes with ruched detailing in the middle give me a lot of concern when I see them on the runway. The cape can either make or kill a dress, it all depends on the designer. If you ask me, I will say the green sequin cocktail dress with a cape and bow does not need both. The dress only needs the puffiness in the bottom and it’s done. Now say you want to play with the risky cape, it’s better with a simple plain pastel long dress with nothing going on in the dress but simply the cape.

Christian Siriano Resort 2023 Collection
Christian Siriano

The collection is definitely for the party popper clients who are ready to throw it down this season, thank goodness the lockdown is over.

“We couldn’t be busier in our business, with all the events happening,” Siriano says. “Not only with brides, but people going out to events. It’s been wild.”

The collection also featured some standout pieces that can be worn on the red carpet, take for example the cropped Tuxedo jacket paired with a fishtail skirt, is a classic edgy look that will lead its wearer to the best-dressed list this season. What about the corset peplum top, the black cocktail dress with choker detail, and the off-shoulder one-sleeve gowns? – exquisite! Can anyone notice the lacey gown and black ball gown? If you’re stuck, these pieces will rescue you.

Siriano drew inspiration from his mother’s 1950s tapestry, and the inspiration birthed many other designs from printed jacquards used in making slim-fit suits to balloon sleeves cropped top with tail, e.t.c. This season’s trends are not missing from the collection too, take for example the pink suits are just screaming ‘Power Suiting’ including the pink oversized blazer that can be worn alone or paired with baggy trousers.

Finally, his take on the off-shoulder black and white dresses are just simple sophistication and they are what a modern woman will appreciate as her evening wear or red carpet wear.

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By Lola Joseph