Chanel Cruise 2022/2023 Runway Collection

Chanel Cruise 2022/23 Collection

The Chanel cruise 22/23 presentation took place in Monte-Carlo on Thursday, paying tribute to Kal Lagerfeld. Virginie Viard the brand’s creative director, kept and followed the legacy her predecessors left behind and it’s no surprise that a man with all white hair that’s always packed into a pony and finished with a black shade remained her muse despite his passing away and not only the that, but the venue also seems to mean a lot to her and Karl.

Viard said: “From very early on, I knew we would hold a show there, and more precisely at the Beach Hotel. Besides, Karl was dreaming about it. From this magnificent venue, one can glimpse his villa, La Vigie. I will never forget the times I spent there: terraces and balconies, big umbrellas, baskets of flowers – so much beauty.”

Chanel unveils its cruise 2022/2023 collection starting with a teaser trailer where the beauty of Monte-Carlo was put into a display or in another word represented in a movie trailer form, the teaser reminds me of ‘Baywatch’ but with Chanel and its models in it (and you can imagine the rest of what I mean) – glamour, fashion, luxury, jet-set life e.t.c. There were models in Chanel diving into the sea, racing in a speed boat with the brand’s archival campaigns and photos preluding and chorusing the trailer.

Viard continued, “A sporty atmosphere, but not only,” Viard says. “There are lots of tweed or silk jumpsuits lined with light terry cloth. Many sequins and flowers shape embroidered plastrons adorning thinly striped long shirt-dresses with white high collars – a nod to Karl – a sequined midnight blue dress, or backless tops worn over wide-cut trousers.”

“Monaco is inherent to the history of Chanel,” Viard says. “We have lived so many happy moments there.”

The runway was filled with the brand’s iconic tweed fabric made into trousers match-set with cropped jackets e.t.c., there were jumpsuits, well-tailored wide leg-trousers, short suits, skirt suits, maxi dresses, oversized shirts, joggers in metallic fabric, and other fabrics, and the accessories featured mini bags that will remain forever treasured, intricate pieces of jewelry, pumps e.t.c.

Discover the full Chanel cruise 22/23 collection below:

By Lola Joseph