Cara Delevine-esque Brow Type Tinting

The best way to get fuller and dramatic brows is by eyebrow tinting, which gives a trans-formative result. The use of pigmented brow gel is the best way to get your arches darker and more distinct. The process is simple and shouldn’t take more than 15 to 20 minutes.

The process of tinting your eyebrows is more like dyeing your hair at home(DIY) and the tint lasts up to four weeks, gradually fading off as each day goes by. To prevent staining, applying petroleum jelly on your brows will help if you are attempting a DIY brow tinting. The best tip in this process is to apply the first layer of brow gel in the direction your eyebrows naturally grow, then add a second layer in the opposite direction.

There should be a difference in your brows after a few minutes, avoid using water on your brows and stick to gel-based cleansers for area around your eyes for at least 24 hours. Brow tinting also minimizes your brow grooming routine because your arches will appear naturally thicker. (Some eyebrow tints are even formulated with brow-plumping fibers to help the cause.)

Here are some of the most user-friendly eyebrow tinting products that make enhancing your brows super simple:


Color Tint Kit, $15.25 at Amazon

If your brows are patchy or take forever to grow out, this kit is calling your name because it doesn’t only promotes hair growth, it’s good for spot colouring so your brows will look perfect even if they’re not.


Instant Tint + Eyebrow Serum, $39.99 at Baebrow

This tint gives illusion of fuller brows, designed to dump your usual brow routine and still have flawless arches. The instant tint is ideal for misshapen or light eyebrows.

Measurable Difference

Brow Amplifying Tint & Lift With RegenaLash, $16 at Measurable Difference

A three-in-one pigmented brow solution that not only tints, it promotes hair growth thanks to its amplifying serum. It even comes with a wide feather brush, which is great for thin brows.


Pro-Brow Dybrow, $9.90 at LookFantastic

This amazing formula is longs-lasting and can last up to six weeks. It comes with a dye and an activating solution so the definition lasts longer.

Lime Crime

Redhead Bushy Brow Pen, $14 at Lime Crime

If you’re a Redhead and having a hard time finding a suitable tint for your brows. Problem solved. Lime Crime’s pigmented pen is the easy way to up the ante on your arches.