Bold Eyeliner Trend

Fierce colourful and out of the box eyeliner is what our favourite Instagram influencers are wearing from spring to summer. If you’re looking for runway approved looks, then familiarise your self with the coloured eyeliner trend and go bold while doing it. The way to go about it is to try everything – go funky, weird and bold – to see what works. Try the abstract and the rainbow liner to give you the artistic finish. Check out below for some inspiration.

Psychedelic Dreams

This neon slick got all the attention from us, how extra or bold can it be when it comes to experimenting with eyeliner colour – please go all out!

Image: @byblos_official


Feathery Wings

As long as it is a pin-pointed tip with a lot of patience it’ll be worth it for this one.

Image: @dahliacreates

Perfect Pink Tips

Just in case you need something pink, this colour-clashing shadow and liner work out great — especially the matte-on-shimmer style.

Image: @nicjopek

Glittered Goth

For a diamond glitter effect, try this goth beauty look that has semi-fill out drawn out wings.

Image: @janeenersss

Rainbow Dreams

For a festival beauty look, slay in this rainbow eyeliner.

Image: @nicoleetait

Solid Pigments

This look is achievable by matching neon liner and mascara  which gives a major mood.

Image: @grebenisancarmen


Matching liners can be old fashion, so to do it right and keep it trendy, pick the right colours, like this hot orange and yellow liner that has an edgy, panelled vibe.

Image: @grebenisancarmen