Beyoncé Drops New Ivy Park x Adidas Collection

Beyoncé shared a few of her new and second drop of Ivy Park x Adidas collection. The collection features pastel and neon bodysuits, tracksuits, blazers, fanny packs, windbreaker jackets, cropped sweatshirts and so on.

If you’re in the category of people who couldn’t get the previous collection, it’s time to queue up for these before they sell-out. The previous collection is simililar to the new ones in design but mostly beiges, oranges and browns, and were sent as PR gifts to celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Zendaya, Cardi B, Kelly Rowland, e.t.c, in the most fun and dramatic way, and in no time sold out with prices from $25 to $250.

The new collection “Drip 2” #thisismypark as Beyonce called it on her instagram post will be available from October 30.




By Lola Joseph
Images/Videos: Beyonce, Ivy Park
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