Apple Cider Vinegar- A Beauty Superhero

Certain ingredients are so revered that they become known as an acronym among devotees. Foodies use EVOO for extra virgin olive oil, while beauty buffs know all about AHAs and BHAs (aka alpha hydroxy acids and beta hydroxy acids, respectively). But there are new initials you should get acquainted with: ACV.

Otherwise known as apple cider vinegar, it pops up in everything from hair care to primer. Why the obsession? ACV boasts skin-perfecting AHAs and has serious clarifying abilities, making it ideal for shampoos, co-washes and scalp detox treatments. It’s even popular in toners since it works like an astringent to keep your skin’s pH balanced. It’s a must have beauty hack.

Now that you know why apple cider vinegar deserves its abbreviation status, it’s time to try it out for yourself. From hair to skin, these are the best ACV products to pick up right now.

Volition Beauty

Apple Cider Vinegar Resurfacing Peel Pads, $64 at Volition Beauty.

Improve your skin’s texture and tone while reducing the appearance of blemishes with these peel pads. Their not-so-secret weapon is apple cider vinegar, which is naturally bursting with good-for-your-skin AHAs. The pads also feature lemon and orange fruit acids to support cell turnover plus witch hazel to minimize the appearance of pores. And the pads are gentle enough to use every day.


Acid Wash ACV Cleansing Rinse, $32 at DermStore.

Don’t let the term acid scare you into skipping this product. It actually relies on apple cider vinegar to cleanse both your scalp and hair. The formula promises to add noticeable shine while softening your strands. You can also use it as a shampoo substitute or it can double as conditioner for co-washers.

Ulta Beauty

Kaolin Clay Detoxifying Body Cleanser, $12.50 at Ulta Beauty

Treat your entire body to the benefits of apple cider vinegar courtesy of Ulta Beauty’s detoxifying cleanser. ACV acts as an astringent to keep skin’s delicate balance in check. Throw in antioxidant-rich apricot, peach and apple extracts for glowing, healthy skin.

Sephora Collection

Beauty Amplifier Pore Primer, $14 at Sephora

Even primer benefits from apple cider vinegar. This pore-minimizing primer comes in a handy-dandy stick form, making it easy to zero in on problem areas. The translucent formula blends easily and provides the perfect base for makeup.

S.W. Basics

Toner, $19.99 at DermStore

This toner boasts both organic raw ACV to neutralize your skin’s pH levels and anti-inflammatory witch hazel. The power duo makes the formula ideal for blemish-prone skin. Shake the bottle well, then swipe on with a cotton ball after cleansing for best results.


Low Key Cleansing Walnut Scalp Scrub, $36 at IGK

Scalp care is just as important as hair care. Think of this cleansing scrub as a detox treatment for your scalp that fixes all that heat styling and coloring damage. Star ingredient apple cider vinegar clarifies, while walnut oil brings the moisture. Suitable for all hair types, the cooling scrub uses sugar instead of salt for a gentler approach and even boasts UV protection so your scalp and strands don’t have to worry about the sun’s harsh rays.

Freeman Beauty

Feeling Beautiful 4-in-1 Apple Cider Vinegar Foaming Clay Mask, $4.29 at Ulta Beauty

This ACV-powered foaming mask cleans, scrubs, tones and absorbs oil. Just apply to your face and neck, let it dry, then rinse off with warm water. You can even use it as your daily cleanser.


Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Masque, $42 at Sephora

Enriched with apple cider vinegar, this repairing hair masque deeply conditions your mane while boosting shine. It also has vitamin B3 to strengthen your strands and sunflower seed extract to protect hair color, from the richest reds to brilliant blondes. Plus, the more you use the treatment, the better it works.

Marie Veronique

Balancing HypoTonic, $45 at Marie Veronique

Take hydration up a notch thanks to Marie Veronique. Its tonic brings the moisture by balancing the liquid content of skin cells with the lipids that surround them. A humectant blend helps skin maintain moisture levels as ACV’s AHAs rebalance pH. Use before applying your go-to serums to help them work better.


BeautyHack Apple Cider Vinegar, $4.99 at Ulta Beauty

SheaMoisture’s ACV clarifying treatment couldn’t be easier to use. Just add a few drops to your base and activator blend of choice. The combo removes pesky product buildup on both your hair and scalp.


Face Foam, $28 at Credo

Got sensitive skin? Say hello to your new favorite cleanser. The light-as-air foam cleanser includes apple cider vinegar, bamboo and willow extract to balance and tone your complexion without stripping your skin. And no vinegary smell here since the foam is unscented.