Take Your Brow Routine To The Next Level With These Brow Gels

Take Your Brow Routine To The Next Level With These Brow Gels

If you’re looking for ways to give your brow a natural groom look or for something more feathery in look, then brow gel is your answer. While many people mistake brow gel for mascara just because of the similarity in the wand application tool that comes with it, brow gel is not mascara. Mascara is for eyelashes while brow gel is for your eyebrows.

To properly understand what brow gel is, brow gel formulas contain ingredients like polymers and waxes that help tame and shape brow hairs while holding them in place. They can either be tinted or clear, they can come in a strong waxy version known as a soap brow for a strong hold while the more subtle version is in a gel form with a light amount of hold. You can opt for any of these versions the option is up to you and depends on what you really what to achieve in your beauty look.

If you’re looking into more of achieving a boy feather brow, you’re advised to go for the soap brow, but if you’re looking to simply put your brow in place then the clear version will rescue you, and finally for a tamed but filled brow, then tinted.

The surprising and interesting thing about the innovative brow gels on the market right now, is that some contain synthetic fibers that can help give an illusion of fuller, thicker brows because the synthetic fibers help fill sparse areas in your brow. Genius! Don’t you think? The good thing about adding brow gel to your beauty routine is that you can easily skip filling your brows with a pencil and just go for the tinted version that tames the hair and add a little bit of colour that will look so natural, hence saving you a lot of time.

So what makes a good brow gel on the market right now? I believe finding a good brow gel is looking into the ones that are packed with skin-loving ingredients, something that will nourish your brow hair follicles. The ingredients range from, peptides, hyaluronic acid, keratin, vitamins, antioxidants, and protein that address every brow need from shedding to thinning, a brow gel that enhances growth that leads to fuller thicker brow hair, protects your brow follicles from free radicals, that protects your brow skin barrier by adding hydration e.t.c.

Ready to take your brow routine to the next level? Discover the best brow gels on the market right now:

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Cult Beauty

It is long-lasting, blends effortlessly, it’s water-resistant, it’s tinted, and, available in 8 shades. It contains tiny microfibres that adhere to skin and hairs, creating natural-looking fullness with definition.


Gimme Brow + Gel 3g (Various Shades)

£23.50 at Cult Beauty

Glossier Boy Brow

It’s a creamy wax, it thickens, shapes and grooms brows into place giving it a soft flexible hold. It contains Oleic Acid, Lecithin, and Soluble Collagen. Comes in various tinted shades.


Boy Brow

£14.00 at Glossier

Cult Beauty

It’s a clear brow gel that puts your brows into place without stiffness and stickiness. It contains blends of botanical formula that sets and conditions your brows.


Brow Gel – Clear 

£23.00 at Cult Beauty

ILIA Essential Brow Gel

It’s a tinted brow gel that thickens, fills, and sculpts brows into place. Available in 3 shades. It contains a blend of clean ingredients and organic botanicals that condition brows.


Essential Brow Gel

$26.00 at Ilia or £26.00 at Revolve

Charlotte Tilbury LEGENDARY BROWS TAUPE £22.00
Charlotte Tilbury

It texturises with an innovative precision brush, it is water-resistant and formulated to add texture, feather, and fullness to any brow hair.  It fills, fixes and lifts.


Legendary Brows

£22.00 at Charlotte Tilbury 


A fiber-infused tinted brow gel, with a wax gel formula that gives voluminous look to your brow. It’s a hybrid brow gel that contains Kaolin Clay. Available in 5 shades.


Wow Brow Gel

£6.00 at e.l.f.

PATRICK TA Major Brow Lamination Gel PATRICK TA Major Brow Lamination Gel PATRICK TA Major Brow Lamination Gel PATRICK TA Major Brow Lamination Gel 4 instalments of £5.50 with Clearpay Learn more about clearpay Learn more Why It's Cult Put the soap away, PATRICK TA has made it oh-so easy to get a laminated brow look from home — without turning to household cleaning supplies. Coming in a malleable, tacky texture than can be moulded and pressed into shape, this next-level gel coats each strand to give an impeccably styled, fluffed-up look. Not to be defined as anything but multitasking, this formula even nourishes and moisturises each hair with a blend of peptides, microalgae, quinoa and coconut oil for healthy, thickened brows. Description How to Use Full Ingredients List Product Details PATRICK TA MAJOR BROW LAMINATION GEL
Cult Beauty

It’s clear and styles hair while nourishing it with a laminate finish. Contains peptides, microalgae, Quinoa, and coconut extracts to nourish, protect and aid growth.


Major brow Lamination Gel 

£22.00 at Cult Beauty



By Lola Joseph
Image Courtesy: Ilia