The Winter Fragrances You Won’t Regret Buying

Winter is finally here and it’s the best time to try out new scents. Spritzing on perfume with perfect scent before dashing out of the door is the best empowerment and confidence you can start your day with. You can try new scents from sweet to sensual to woody, whatever you choose, always make sure.

15 Best Fragrances Of 2020 You Should Shop Right Now

It’s undeniable that fragrance says alot about the wearer. Not only does it define our character, it’s also mood uplifting, if you know what I mean. You can wear a woody chocolate scented fragrannce that can define you as a say “rock and roll chic/guy but also sweet within”.  If you play close attention to.

Marion Cotillard Is The New Face Of Chanel N°5 Fragrance Campaign

The Iconic Chanel N°5 ad-campaign is out and the face of this year’s is Marion Cotillard. The news of Marion as the face of the brand has been around since early this year, Febuary to be precise. Since the news broke, most major magazines have featured her in their editorial issues and each were seen.