Let’s Talk Cream Blushes – 11 Best Cream Blushes To Covet Right Now.

Now that we are transitioning into Autumn/Winter season, this is the time to pay attention to your skin. The fall weather can be very ash on the skin and if you’re the type with dry skin, that means every beauty arsenal in this season have to change to cream, hydrating and so on. That’s is why I am introducing you to cream blushes. Spring Summer season is great for cream matte or matte powder blushes because of sweats and heats that comes with the season, but this fall please be sure to swap your powder blushes to cream blushes, cream blushes are great for a soft glowy flushed cheeks, the formula allows the blush to melt into the skin like you were born with it. A good cream blush works on all complexions and skin types for a natural skin winter glow.

When it comes to applying cream blushes, you are best adviced to use your fingers, your fingers help loosen the blush and dispense the pigments from the blush into your skin effortlessly and with a natural finish. To start, apply a small amount onto your index finger and dab it onto the apple of your cheeks, you can build up the intensity of the blush by applying another layer but if you’re going for a makeup no makeup loook, one pump is enough for each cheeks.

Cream blushes nowadays are now used for monochromatic beauty looks that’s trending on instagram, streetstyle and red carpets, take for example if you visit patrick ta’s beauty instagram handle, you will find many makeup tutorials on monochromatic looks, and what about charlotte’s Tilbury’s Pillow Talk Lip & Cheek Glow in COLOUR OF PASSION that can be used on both lips, cheeks and eyes.

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Finding your holygrail cream blush can be very difficult especially when the market is flooded with different types and all promosing the same qualities. The truth to this issue is finding the right formula base on your skin type is the solution. There are different types of cream blushes, they’re gel, cream to powder, cream and powder duo, liquid cream, velvety, cheek stains and the solid cream ones. If you have a dry skin, it’s alwasys adviceable to opt for the hydrating cream blushes, if your skin is oily, cream to powder is adviceable and if you have combination skin, you’re adviced the the cream and powder duo(where you can start with cream and set it with the powder).

So to save you the headache, we’ve window shopped around the web including the ones recommended by favourite youtubbers(makeup reviewers) and found you the 10 best cream blushes for the autumn/winter season, happy shopping:

Charlotte Tilbury

New! Pillow Talk Lip & Cheek Glow Colour Of Passions

£30.00 at Charlotte Tilbury

Honest Beauty Creme Cheek Blush

Honest Beauty

Creme Cheek Blush 3g )

PATRICK TA Monochrome Moment - Velvet Blush She's Seductive

Patrick Ta Beauty

Patrick Ta Beauty

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Kjaer Weis Cream Blush

Too Faced

Peach My Cheeks BlushBlush

Peaches & Cream, € 30.50 at Sephora

Fenty Beauty Cheeks Out Freestyle Cream Blush - Rosé Latte | London Loves Beauty

Fenty Beauty


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NARS Liquid Blush


Blusher Cheek Heat Water Infused Hydrating Gel Sheer Blusher 25 Fuchsia Spark

£8.99 at Amazon

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By Lola Joseph
Images: Sephora, Ulta Beauty, Lookfantastic, Fenty Beauty, Cult Beauty, Glossier, Credo Beauty and Patrick Ta Beauty
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