How To Prevent A Makeup Meltdown In This Summer

Putting our makeup kits away should not be the  final solution to beating the dreaded makeup meltdown games in this summer. We can enjoy the summer sunshine  by choosing the right products and application methods and following the makeup expert advice.  We don’t have to worry about our eyeshadows and foundation meeting up if we choose to sport long-lasting makeups this summer.


Application vs. Products

When the experts were asked about keeping our makeup intact during the hot weather makeup meltdowns, they suggested we apply layers of skincare products and makeup by setting it in between layering and allowing our skin to absorb the products.


Make Sure Your Makeup Is Season-Appropriate

Using summer appropriate makeup products is advised, you shouldn’t be using winter makeup products that’s meant to prevent drying compare to summer makeup products which obviously makes sense to opt for the oil-free formula ones. The use of pressed powder is also recommended as press powders help to prevent excess shine, it can be touched up as the day go and can also be used to set your face before applying makeup. Try the  Sisley Paris Blur Expert ($95) or Essence All About Matt! Fixing Compact Powder ($3.99). The use of blotting sheets, like Tatcha’s Aburatorigami Japanese Blotting Papers ($12), are another great option to control shine and avoid baking.  Makeup artist Kristofer Buckle recommends the use of  pigment-free loose powders to keep makeup on point and shine at bay.


Waterproof Formulas

Foundations and lipsticks already contain oils and waxes which are naturally water resistant, so buying all makeup products that are water proof is not necessary. To avoid a mask like makeup, It was recommended that just waterproof mascara is enough.


Powders, Creams and Liquids

For a fuller and long lasting makeup, the use of super light creams and liquid formulas during summer is the best solution. Start by prepping your face with invisible setting powders, applying heavier products sparingly and we suggest Smith & Cult Veiled Threat Weightless Micro-Blurring Foundation ($42) for its weightless formula and 12-hour coverage, and  for lightweight coverage is Chantecaille Just Skin Tinted Moisturizer ($74).

Primers and Setting Sprays

When you ask most makeup artists and experts, yes the use of Primers and Setting Sprays are a go to if you want your makeup long lasting. But Buckle a prominent makeup artist advise not to use primers in warmer weather as our face has already got so much going on, from moisturiser, to sunblock and foundation, She advised to go for foundations that have primer built in them . This will help hide the flaws on the face without looking cakey. Buckle recommended the use of  Triplicity Perfecting Foundation Stick ($44) with primer built in. He follows it up with Kristofer Buckle Power Lock Makeup Setting Spray ($39) to add extra durability without the weight.

Aharon says primers and setting sprays can be incredibly helpful for setting makeup, especially for those with oily skin or when it’s humid and muggy. A good primer will smooth the surface of your skin, colour correct and mattify. She uses setting sprays that refresh and hydrate skin, like Herbivore Botanicals After Sun Soothing Aloe Mist ($20) since it also soothes skin after sun exposure.

Switch Up Your Skin Care

As the weather changes, so are our beauty and skincare products. So during your summer skincare routine, use lighter, less oily skin care products in summer because they’ll help makeup adhere better to your skin. and help your skin to adjust to the humid and high temperature weather. Avoid the use of heavier creams as they can cause your skin to shine become greasy for most skin types, opt for lotions or get formulas with added SPF like Proactiv Daily Oil Control Moisturizer SPF 30 ($24).

Less Is More

Applying your concealers and foundations sparingly is necessary for a summery makeup, patting the brush and sponge on greasier complexions is the best to avoid makeup meltdowns. The use of powder to set the makeup is also recommended. The use of combination of blotting sheets and powder is also good for reducing oil if you’ve got oily skin. Definitely using less makeup can reduce the likely of makeup melt-down


Glow Not Shine

The use of highlighter of create radiance and glowy skin is gorgeous for summer, using products that give matte finish will also work well for a summery beauty look. But note that creating a glowy makeup look is not shine, shiny skin can look messy.



By Lola Joseph