Holiday Nail Art Ideas You Should Go For

When it comes to our beauty looks and style during the holidays, bombarding your looks with images of Santa, reindeer, the Grinch and Snowmen are just tacky and hideous as they look on our Christmas ugly sweater.

While we don’t mind having them on our decor and wrapping papers, but adding them to your beauty look, your nail art to be specific, is not a good option. This why we have opted for the nail art options that don’t involve Christmas colourful characters.

Thankfully, there are tons of nail art designs out there, from sparkle to special effect, your mani have plenty stylish holiday art for itself. The popular colour out there is always Red and Green, but you can also choose from shades like deep burgundy, gorgeous gray, subtle glitter tips and shiny pink, it’s just a matter of expanding the Christmas colour scheme and keeping it simple.

Here are the holiday nail art ideas that’ll give you a chic look this festive season:

Show some restraint by only giving the center of each nail the metallic treatment. The fantastic thing about this design is that you don’t have to paint crisp lines to get the effect.

Image: @betina_goldstein

A coppery polish casually swiped on the bottom of your nails is an easy way to shine this season.

Image: Imaxtree

Top off gold nails with a red lattice design for a mani that really stands out.

Image: @michellesaundersjames

Gold glitter makes even more of a statement when sprinkled over a black base.

Image: @cassmariebeauty

Snowflake nails that twinkle like Christmas lights? Yes, please.

Image: @ritaremark

Candy cane stripes with an abstract twist.

Image: @nailartbyqueenie

Skip gold and silver in favor of pink glitter. It’s festive yet unexpected.

Image: @paintboxnails

Paint parts of each nail a stellar silver for a subtly sparkling mani.

Image: @stephstonenails

Give red a break and try a glittering green polish. Use the equally festive shade to create an eye-catching negative space manicure.

Image: @paintboxnails

Jazz up a traditional red polish with some strategic (and geometric) pops of shimmering gold.

Image: @aliciatnails

Split the difference by teaming a light pink hue and a burgundy shade.

Image: @betina_goldstein

Green and gold also scream holiday and this arrow nail mani will make the season bright.

Image: @fleuryrosenails

Rock these gold chevron accents on select nails straight through New Year’s Eve.

Image: @cassmariebeauty

Just add some Swarovski crystals on the tips.

Image: @thehangedit

A red hot moon mani is festive without being overly dramatic.

Image: @jinsoonchoi

Paint your nails a candy apple red, but leave a corner of each nail bare for a new take on negative space.

Image: @misspopnails

Colorful glitter accents really dazzle against a gray base.

Image: @jinsoon


By Lola Joseph
Image: Courtesy