Himalayan Pink Salt Is A Beauty Must-Have.

There is a new beauty superhero: Himalayan pink salt. Since we’ve learnt to know the reasons why exfoliation is the best beauty routine as we step into the spring, we are also bringing in the new gentle formulas to opt for when doing this.

It happens that Himalayan pink salt is no longer just a trendy food ingredient. It also can be found in our beauty product arsenal from body washes to bath soaks to wave sprays. Mineral- and vitamin-rich Himalayan pink salt not only naturally exfoliates, it delivers all necessary good-for-your-skin stuff your complexion needs.

Give your skin the pamper it deserves by treating yourself to a clear, moisturized skin from head to toe with these sorted out Himalayan pink salt-powered products.

Herbivore Botanicals

CALM Soaking Salts, $18 at Herbivore Botanicals

Supercharge your next bath with these calming soaking salts. Star ingredient Himalayan pink sea salt infuses vitamins and minerals into the water for a detoxifying experience. A great-smelling combo of vanilla and ylang ylang essential oil will help you unwind as it soothes both mind and body. All it takes is a quarter of the salts per bath. Just make sure you let them dissolve for a minute or two before hopping in the tub.


Goop Body

G.Tox Himalayan Salt Scalp Scrub Shampoo, $42 at Goop

Goop’s whipped shampoo boasts exfoliating powerhouse Himalayan pink salt to banish buildup, dirt and oil. It also features cold-pressed moringa oil and unfiltered rosehip oil to purify and detoxify. And its fresh scent comprised of rosemary, geranium, orange and peppermint will subtly linger in your locks after you rinse.