Gucci Resort’20

The Gucci Resort ’20 took place at Musei Capitolini venue in Rome Italy. The venue is said to be the first museum in the world with entrance designed and hung  with french on a spray-painted bed sheet. The Rome’s Capitolini was opened in 1734, with ancient statues in near darkness, illuminated only by torches placed on guests’ seats inside the museum.

The creative director, Michelle Alessandro, used inspirations from past decades-centuries just like other designers we see on instagram, he used the words from historians like Paul Veyne saying “Because only pagan antiquity could arouse my desire. Because it was the world of the past, because it was a world that no longer exists.” these words described the Gucci Resort’20 collection. During the show, models were styled in a style from the past, a purple jacquard pantsuit came down the runway; across the back, splashed in big block letters were the words: My Body, My Choice. A few looks later, an ivory dress appeared with its midsection embroidered in the shape of a uterus; in place of ovaries there were blooming pink flowers, not only does this collection speaks of a woman’s power, it also showcased how things have change from the past centuries till now. The scarves across the models mouth as if they were silenced speaks how women now have freedom to speak.

When asked during the press conference, he said  “Women have to be respected…they should be free to choose what they want.”  Fashion now has power not only in politics but in the society as a whole. Nowadays, fashion is not just about looking good and following trends not that there is anything wrong with that, but it is about making fashion statement, the statement that seats right with your conscience.

Enough been said, we can’t help to notice trends like tier dresses, out-of-this-world accessories (printed and sequin scarves, diamond block coloured bags, cat-eye and big framed shades e.t.c) plaids, androgyne suit, leathers, prints and mixed prints, fur, bold colours, and among others. The collection is sharp, structured, sophisticated and glamorous.

Lola Joseph