G-Beauty Is The Latest Skin Care

There has been many beauty trends which has taken us the world, K-beauty, J-beauty, A-beauty, the competion is getting tighter. From Korea’s hydrating sheet masks and Australia’s natural formulas beauty junkies have been buzzing lately and we’re loving them, so another contender to consider is the : Germany. G-beauty is very much a thing.  G-beauty has become a must have beauty cult buy and it has taking over our social media.

German beauty is no-nonsense and purposeful. Head of International Education and Training for QMS Medicosmetics Rowan Hall-Farrise says that G-beauty is health- and science-led, focusing on wellness and keeping your body (including your skin) in optimum condition. Amala Executive Director, Global Marketing Joi Ruud points out that German beauty is unique because it marries pioneering expertise with serious, science-backed results.

Board certified dermatologist and creator of Royal Fern Dr. Timm Golueke adds that German beauty brands are dedicated to using high-quality ingredients and clean production and also have stricter regulations to adhere to. “I always say that it’s like German engineering, but for your skin.”

Golueke explains that there’s an interest in harnessing the power of nature to treat skin. “We were taught that there are effective local ingredients that provide visible benefits. For example, the royal fern plant that is the star ingredient in the patented Royal Fern Complex found in our products is grown in Germany.”

Hate gimmicks? You’ll love German beauty. “We tend to not follow fads, but instead use our experience to bring the most effective products to our clients,” says Golueke. Hall-Farrise seconds this. “German beauty sticks to the science-led ethos rather than being driven by fads, trends or fashion — so it’s timeless. People are looking for products with immediate and lasting results.”

Hall-Farrise makes it clear that German beauty isn’t against new ingredients. It’s just that they must deliver top-notch results consistently to be considered. Ruud explains that brands are going beyond traditional botanicals, like lavender and rose, to breakthrough plant-derived actives from the latest natural biotechnology.

“Our customers like that Germany beauty follows the European standards for clean, which automatically means they don’t include many toxins,” said Jessica Richards, the founder of the influential Brooklyn boutique Shen Beauty. German brands also tend to have fairly minimalist, straightforward packaging, which is a good thing in today’s noisy beauty aisles. In German beauty, clean, efficacious skin care can mean taking a farm-based, organic approach that is effective.

To catch up with more and more G-beauty brands that are becoming readily available, check them out below:

QMS Medicosmetics

Advanced Collagen Concentrate Face Sheet Mask, $172.16 at QMS Medicosmetics

Dr. Barbara Sturm

Glow Drops, $145 at Molecular Cosmetics

Royal Fern

Phytoactive Cleansing Balm, $85 at Neiman Marcus


Moonlit Meadows Moisturizer, $165 at Net-a-Porter


Crème, $6.49 at Ulta Beauty


Pre+Probiotic Hydrating Yogurt Mask, $68 at Amala

Augustinus Bader

The Cream, $265 at Augustinus Bader

Annemarie Börlind

Purifying Care Ultra Stick, $19.99 at Annemarie Börlind