Dressing Gowns – The Perfect Security Blanket to add to your Loungewear Essentials

Venturing into my wardrobe daily for my dressing gown has always been one of my favourite staples to wear indoors, especially when you feel the cold draft of -1 temperatures outside my door. There is no need for the constant heater to drain out your heating bill. The next best thing is to invest in the perfect comfy dressing gown as this is the time to feel warm, cosy and snug at home.
For most of us taking on the role of WFH, I, on the other hand, is fluctuating between working from home and going into the office but keeping within COVID 19 restrictions. Investing in a dressing gown is the ideal security blanket to keep you feeling warm and toasty from those cold mornings getting out of bed to staying cosy and snug in the evenings at night in front of the TV.

There is nothing cosier than getting out of bed in the morning and feeling the warm fluffiness of my dressing gown whilst making a warm cup of tea. Working from home these days has become a fortress of comfy living and solitude. In pre-COVID times, most of my weekdays were on-the-go, commuting here and there and never at home and only now I have resulted in leaving in my dressing gown full time.
You can spend the entire day cosying up to your dressing gown and I am sure one time or another, most of us have spent our time all day working in our dressing gowns, taking zoom meetings in our dressing gowns and no one will ever know and let us not forget maybe slippers to match to add a relaxed, chilled vibe to your day.

Last Christmas, I received my new dressing gown from my mother as a present. When finally taking it out of my festive gift bag, I was in awe with excitement. It has been on my wish-list for several months now. When holding the item, I did not want to put it down. It was a dark grey, soft, fluffy and cosy with a huge hood, plenty of space for me to bury, wrap my head and cocoon myself. Over the years, I have a collected quite a few dressing gowns which are more dedicated to a luxury attire instead of servicing its purpose of keeping you warm, feeling protected from the outside world.
As the cold weather is here to stay for the next few months until spring approaches. Snuggling and wrapping yourself up in the fluffiest dressing gown is the perfect night indoors. Let us ensure we are always keeping comfortability and cosy. Investing in the flawless dressing gown is the go-to loungewear item everyone should have. At present, what I look for in a dressing gown is to serve its purpose, protection as one of my favourite comfits in my wardrobe and that is what I have got to remind me every day.


Words by Charlene Foreman