DIY Treatments To Try While On COVID-19 Lockdown

Now that we are on the Covid-19 pandemic lock-down, we don’t have to be drown in it but make lemonade out of it. Staying at home is a good opportunity to try all the at home treatments we don’t usually have time for but fun to try. You may not be able to make your beauty appointments but you can perhaps try spring cleaning your makeup closet, give your makeup brushes the deep cleaning they need.

You can also try dry brushing to get rid of the scaly winter skin, you can whiten your teeth if your teeth have been stained from wine, you can also try self tanning, and many more . These are example of things you can try while social and self isolating.

Everything on lock down does not involve your beauty routine, here are some at-home-treatments that can boosts your beauty looks and improve your sanity:

Zen Me

Premium Dry Body Brush, $14.95 at Zen Me


The Starter Bundle, $155 at Ópalens

You’re probably paler than ever right now. This new brand’s CBD-infused tanning mousse glides on easy and boasts nourishing botanical ingredients.

Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare

Alpha Beta Universal Daily Peel‎, $88 at Sephora

The Vanity Project

Wine Wipes, $6.99 at Target

If you love red wine, you’ll love these natural wipes. They remove red wine stains from your teeth and mouth so go on and have another glass.

Sephora Collection

Hair Sleeping Mask in Dragonfruit, $3 at Sephora


Phyto-Medic Eyelash Enhancer, $78 at LASHFOOD


Brush Cleaning Pad, $25 at Artis

Sally Hansen

Salon Pro Gel Starter Kit, $79.95 at Amazon