9 Products You Need To Create A Summer Hair Care System

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I’m sitting here wondering if there is actually a summer hair care system or hair care routine for anyone? The truth is that there is, to start with, there are many summer hair woes that we need to deal with due to changes in weather conditions. Summer hair woes range from frizz, greasy roots due to excessive oil production in hot weather months, colour fade due to sun exposure and chlorine in the pool, and sweaty bangs! – ‘I don’t need to say much about sweaty bangs’ – summer season is a sweaty season, what about the sun damage, breakage, split ends, and dryness? the list goes on.

When looking for hair care products to nourish and protect your hair for every hair length and texture, it’s best to start with ingredient-search that can be from argan oil, Keratin, Hylauronic acid, e.t.c. More so, it’s good to know that your hair texture does go through some struggles due to the humidity, your hair texture may look different every day and the first thing to do is to embrace your hair texture and learn to mask your hair during summer months, this can either be done 3 times or once in a week to add and lock in hydration to strands. (it’s all up to what your needs are in terms of hydration).

It’s also advisable to stay away from heating tools and allow your hair to dry using the natural air. As we all know heating tools have their negative effects on hair when not used wisely. But then again, we need those tools to take care of our hair every once in a while, so whenever you have to, always use heat-protective hair care products before using the tools.

Due to the heat and excessive oil production, hair can quickly and easily build up specks of dirt and grimes, so your best solution to this is to always clarify your hair and scalp at least every once a week. Which is something similar to scrubbing your scalp using either chemical or physical scrubs.

Another thing to hold on to when it comes to taking care of your hair in the summer months is to practice co-washing, where you can use conditioner to wash your hair instead of the traditional shampoos, there are many cream cleansers on the market right now that help to remove buildup and cleanse the hair without the lathering or harsh ingredients, such as sulfates or parabens, typically used in shampoos.

Moisture is the key in any hair care routine, summer or winter, so adding a good moisturising hair cream after washing is a way to protect your hair from dryness and frizz. As part of adding moisture to your hair, it’s also good to invest in good essential oil for your hair to lock in the moisture it gained from the hair creams and conditioner. Hair serums are also great for treating your hair from frizziness, they sit on top of your hair strands to impart shine and smoothness, and they are packed full of potent concentrations of ingredients that will protect your hair from environmental aggressors e.t.c.

So what should be your hair care routine in the summer months? First, start with the use of traditional liquid shampoo and conditioner every once a week, while you use dry shampoo at least twice a week in between this wash, (another good tip when water washing your hair is to pre-cleanse it with conditioner before washing it with the liquid shampoo – this will prevent your hair from stripping/dryness by retaining moisture when washed). This point is also when you decide to clarify your scalp and mask your hair, another once-a-week action.

Then your hair serum can be used at this step which I believe once a week use is enough whenever you water-wash your hair, except on days you think you need extra smoothness, shine, and treatment for special occasions or dinner date kinda use.

The next step should be your hair moisturisers, which can be either lotion, cream, or butter. Lotions and creams are very common in the summer months as they are lighter – which can be a good thing as your hair follicles are already producing a lot of oil due to the hot weather. You can use your hair moisturisers every day or every other day. Applying your hair sunscreens should be the next step, and this should be an everyday habit – It will protect your scalp and hair from the dangerous UVA & UVB sun rays, some sunscreens also boost the protection of your hair from chlorine and salt(pools and seas).

Finally, your hair oil can be used every day along with your moisturiser or every other day if you think it will way down your hair( it’s good to note to always go for lightweight and non-greasy hair oil and moisturisers).

Discover the 9 products you need to create a hair care system for yourself this summer season:

L'Oreal Paris Elvive Hydra Hyaluronic Acid Shampoo 400ml £5.99

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By Lola Joseph