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5 Wallpaper Trends To Elevate Every Room In The House

Caselio Scarlett Wallpaper Collection

If you’re looking into changing the mood and tone of your house, the first place to start is with  wallpapers. The plastering of wallpaper in your house is an easy way to express your personality, elevate your rooms, and change the tone of your different moods.

Nowadays, thanks to brands that have flooded the market with various designs, from pastels, minimalist nude-toned shades, floral to geometrics, e.t.c. you’ll definitely find a design that matches your personality.

The only question to ask is, which ones are on-trend right now and what patterns are suitable for my rooms e.g living room, bedroom, kitchen e.t.c.?

This is where Covet comes in, we’ve put together 5 wallpapers that are trendy and what part of the house they’re suitable for.

First, the trendy ones to look out for are:

  1. Geometric Wallpapers

This is the type of wallpaper that makes statements just because of the type of graphic art involved in the design, they’re modern, bold, chic, and gender-neutral.  They can be fit for hallways or dining rooms.


 Metropolitan Stories Milano - Francesca Wallpaper Collection
Wallpaper Direct

Metropolitan Stories Milano

Francesca Wallpaper Collection -Geometric In Charcoal Grey

£25.00 per roll at Wallpaper Direct

2. Chic Vintage

Vintage wallpapers gives a nostalgic decorative look to any room and they’re more suitable for the living room, under your stirways. reading corners e.t.c. If you’re looking into adding a pretty, soft and elegant look to your living room space. Vintage print/design wall paper is where to start. I love this one below designed by Sain Zeng, it’s pastel, very nostalgic and yet modern.

Hua Trees Wallpaper, Blue, 10m Roll Designed by Sian Zeng

Hua Trees

Wallpaper, Blue, 10m Roll Designed by Sian Zeng

£ 189.00 at Made

3. Big And Bold Patterns

This wallpaper trend is for the bold. They give a cosy feeling in a small space, it’s like living in a art. It’s moody, atmospheric and dramatic. They’re scnetic murals and more suitable for the living room, dinning area, e.t.c.

P.L.U.T.O Wallpaper, Lido & Copper, 10m Roll Designed by Mini Moderns


Wallpaper, Lido & Copper, 10m Roll Designed by Mini Moderns

£ 55.00 at Made

4. The Paintabale Patterns

So, often, bathrooms and kitchens are ignored when it comes to wallpaper, just because of the mist and wetness involve in the use of bathrooms. and kitchens. But, when well thought and planned, you can find beautiful classic wallpaper patterns that can be placed at the upper part of the bathroom or kitchen while the bottom part of the wall can be made up with wall panels, you should also place them away from the shower and close to mirror cabinets. With a good ventilation and glazed wallpaper there’s no reason not to decorate your bathrooms and kitchens with wallpaper.

Wallpaper in the bathrooms and kitchens takes your attention away from the hard sanitaryware, kitchenware and cold tiles but focuses your attention on the warm and  given depth bathroom/kitchen. Your best bet? Paintable wallpapers. Paintable wallpapers allow your bathrooms to be bathrooms or kitchens to be kitchens while giving them your desired character.

 Anaglypta Textured Vinyl Wallpaper Collection
Wallpaper Direct


Anaglypta Textured Vinyl Wallpaper Collection

£13.50 at Wallpaper Direct

5. Panoramic Mesmerising Murals

Having your room designed with panoramic mural wall paper is like bringing art into your room, it’s uplifting and adds edge to the room. If you love art, then you’ll know what I mean, walking into a living space where an artistic work can be appreciated does something to the wellness of mind, all you need is pieces of furniture agianst the murals to create a beautiful composition. It can be placed in only one part of the room, where the rest of the room can be painted. With this, you can easily change the color of your room to match the wallpaper and keep your wallpaper for a long time.This can be suitable for the bedroom, living rooms, reading areas, e.t.c. they can also be abstract, painted or mixture of both.

Caselio Scarlett Wallpaper Collection
Wallpaper Direct

Paris By Night

Caselio Scarlett Wallpaper Collection

£203.00 at Wallpaper Direct


By Lola Joseph
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