5 Influencers Share Skin Care Tips


Patting in your face serum isn’t actually necessary.

Photo: Isiah Jones

The quest for so-called perfect skin is one that typically requires a veritable arsenal of products. We stock our cabinets full of items in an attempt to defend our complexions against acne, sun damage, pollution, wrinkles and dark spots, but in order to make the most of all of those products, it’s crucial to be informed about the proper application methods and ingredient combinations. That’s, of course, where dermatologists come in.


At this year’s American Academy of Dermatology conference in San Diego, Calif., we teamed up with skin-care brand SkinCeuticals to connect five influencers with some of the company’s own experts. They took the opportunity to discuss the brand’s newest launches and how new technological advances can affect the skin. Below, we rounded up the top five tips they learned.


“One of the most interesting things I learned is that our skin starts to lack all of these [naturally occurring] acids, like hyaluronic acid, and a product like H. A. Intensifier can help to [increase] production of it. So it can actually help with the plumpness in your face and you don’t lose firmness. I’ve also heard people say that if you pat a product into your skin it’s better, but Dr. Jerome Potozkin, SkinCeuticals Advanced Clinical Spa partner, says that’s just a myth; what matters is just putting the product on.”




Photo: Isiah Jones


“The number one topic my followers wanted me to get more information about was hyperpigmentation and dark spots. It seems to be the biggest issue across the board that [my followers] were talking about. SkinCeuticals has a new product, Discoloration Defense, to help, featuring a new ingredient, tranexamic acid. Also, everyone’s into anti-pollution right now, because pollution is just as damaging as the sun — as UV rays — for the skin. I don’t think people really realize that. It’s pretty major. We talked a lot about Atmospheric Skin Aging and how antioxidants and sunscreens can help the skin against signs of ageing. Atmospheric Skin Aging is just a collective term for the effects of UVA/UVB rays, ground-level ozone pollution and IR-A on the skin. C E Ferulic is what you want to help combat this – the highly potent antioxidant helps to deliver (and allow it to be absorbed) accurately by the skin.”