Valentine Day’s Style Ideas For Fashion Girls

Dressing for valentine in the middle of February, a very cold month can be very tricky. Yes we want to look sexy on that special day but we don’t want our teeth chattering because of our exposed legs, arms and shoulder, for example slipping on tights or draping a heavy coat on top can be the extra step to keep warm while looking sexy. The cold weather also may make us draw towards the browns and blacks but going for bold colours will spice up the night.

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So we decided to draw inspiration from our favourite style influencers to put together outfits that can keep us cinched  in the winter weather. Looking hot on a romantic holiday is what we are going for, and we want something that can transition from work to date night or better still learn to layer up but to still keep that sexy warm look.

check them out below:

Spice things up with red turtleneck, add a black leather pants, boots and a long coat to amp the look up.

Pair a silky fuchsia pink top with red pants for a laid-back approach to date-night dressing.

Image: Imaxtreevalentines day gifting

Add a pair of mismatched ankle boots to a black midi dress. Going for a valentine’s theme colour like red and white, or red and pink will take your styling to the next level.

Image: @annabelrosendahl

Pleat is the trend of the season, so teaming an oxblood sweater with a pleated orange skirt for the big night is not so bad. Cinch the waist with a dark red belt.

Wearing a two tone boots will make the look less business and more playful, a perfect transition from work to date night look. You can wear a basic top and miniskirt as long as you cover them up with a deep red blazer.

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Go for acid wash trend with a rosy jumpsuit. To keep warm, layer a turtleneck and cap it off with gold pumps for a sexy romantic night.

Image: @emilisindlev

Wearing  a pop of red which is the holiday theme colour can’t be too much, so a single strip of red on a crisp white shirt serves as a subtle nod to the “holiday.” Pair the look with a purple vest and pants and embellished pumps.

To take risk with your styling for the night, try water colour floral pattern instead of obvious floral patterned pieces, and since you’re going for the the busy pattern pieces, keep everything else neutral, from your sweater to your boots.

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Wearing plaid is keeping things trendy, so a black top and a red plaid skirt is one killer combo. Complete the look with a red crimson quilted bag and drape a classic camel coat over your shoulders.

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Go half and half wearing red and light pink blouse teamed with a red hot pleated skirt and boots to keep warm.

Image: Imaxtree

Wearing neon on valentine cold day is taking your style to another level, wear red pants and red sandals with a neon green top and a plaid blazer.

Image: Imaxtree

Wearing tweed skirt suit is a work to date night look, wearing blue tweed goes surprisingly well with a maroon sweater, wine-coloured tights and coordinating platform sandals.

Go floral on Valentine’s day, wearing a floral suit screams romance.

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Pairing a leather shirt with pleated skirt is the way to go this valentine, just make sure the leather shirt is camel coloured tucked into the skirt. Adding red accessories really heat things up.

The red velvet boots says valentine, teaming it with a magenta dress and layered over a turtleneck in a similar shade really makes an impression .

Opting for a good old red and white look for the night is trendy, make the look edgy wearing an androgyny look by layering  a black turtleneck under a white and red striped button-down, then tuck both into a bright red pants. Match the look with a black and white bag.

Dress up your side slit midi leather skirt with a tan polo sweater, compliment the look with knee-high boots.

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By Lola Joseph
Image: Imaxtree
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