The ‘Executive Bob’ Is Autumn 2023 Hair Trend, In Case You’re Wondering

The Executive Bob Is Autumn 2023 Hair Trend, In Case You're Wondering

If you’re looking for a hairstyle that makes getting ready this autumn season easy, then I will recommend the ‘executive bob’ hair trend. Although seems like a hairstyle we’ve seen before, I believe the reason it’s becoming a trend is the new minimalist lifestyle everyone is embracing right now.

The minimalist approach to everything from food, fashion, and beauty makes the ‘executive bob’ hair trend a perfect fit with any of your autumn minimalist style looks and it’s been seen on the SS’24 street style during fashion week. The haircut is sleek, effortless, bold, and strong, it stays in place and fits all occasions and all facets of lifestyle. The hairstyle has an undeniable impact that lends polished finesse to any look this autumn season.

It goes well with any soft eye look with a pop of red lips or a soft ‘makeup no makeup look, the haircut generally lends itself to different characters and moods. The ‘executive bob’ hairstyle is cut with precision, with no layers but with shine and movement. The key to a gorgeous look with this hair trend is the color, it has to be all black otherwise if any highlights are added, it becomes over-done gearing toward the maximalist hair look, but to keep it in the minimalist hair-look realm, it has to be black with precision cut, shine, polish and movements. This makes it affordable to maintain and aids a simple fresh look.

Lori Harvey In 'Executive Bob' Hair Trend
Lori Harvey In ‘Executive Bob’ Hair Trend. Image Courtesy: Instagram
Chriselle Lim In 'Executive Bob' Hair Trend
Chriselle Lim In ‘Executive Bob’ Hair Trend. Image Courtesy: Instagram

For the length, you can go short or slightly long but just note to mean business when wearing it. The hairstyle is blow-dry straight but with soft curls at the edge(almost no curls). The hairstyle produces a boss lady energy, it’s no wonder celebrities like Lori Harvey were spotted on social media wearing this hair trend, not only her Chriselle Lim the executive and founder of Phlur actually flipped her soft cut out at the edge. So whether you’re a royal, or a girl next door the ‘executive bob’ is your next signature hairstyle trend you won’t want to let go.