Fashion Time Has Turned Towards Isabel Marant’s Wedge Sneaker To Make Its Comeback

As we all know in the fashion world, time revolves and this time it has revolved towards Isabel Marant’s wedge sneakers. If you remember this wedge from back in the days (10 years ago to be precise), where these cushion sneakers with a hidden wedge heel(Bekett) are seen on everyone from street style looks to […]

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Isabel Marant’s Vintage Dresses To Try This Autumn

If you don’t know Isabel Marant, then you should know it’s a french brand that focuses on vintage pieces. If you’re looking for vintage looks that are tres chic, then your go-to is Isabel Marant. The brand was named after its owner Isabel Marant, who launched the brand back in 1989 that featured knitwear, jerseys […]

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