Meet Casetify – The Custom Iphone Accessory Brand

In a world where new iPhone debuts every year, so does our need for new accessories. Iphone cases, Phone slings, Apple watch bands, etc are the new must-have accessory and not a handbag, I am talking about the Casetify’s phone cases, slings, watch bands, air pod pro cases e.t.c that are sealing a trend that speaks volumes about our selfie-obsessed and tech consumed times.

When asked what the most important or closest accessory when at work or at home; Wallets, handbags, keys, iPhone, techs e.t.c? The answer is most likely your phone and techs. You can do many things with your phone nowadays, from paying your bills, to ordering your meals or even open your doors. So it’s no brainer if our phones are our closest. can’t do without the accessory.

Casetify’s iPhone accessories, and tech accessories, do not only give us what we need to protect our phones and gadgets but the brand also stock gadgets like UV sanitiser Lite for our Phones. In this time where ‘upping up your hygiene game is mandatory and where our phones carry the most germs, the UV sanitiser Lite is a genius accessory everyone should add to their gadgets’ accessories collection.

Casetify has also collaborated with many brands from Heinz, Pokemon, DHL with the latest collaboration with  Hello Kitty, and Stranger Things to create their custom phone cases.

Casetify’s accessories have become classics that are here to stay like the Rolex watch, the crocodile Filofax, and the Mont Blanc fountain pen e.t.c.– our phones and gadgets along with their accessories have now grown to a status symbol that tells the world how busy and important we are. Our phones and gadgets are reflections of our functional world, it reflects our characters which is why there is escalating importance of how our phones should look, the trend is about life and not just fashion.

Our phones have become something that’s a world on its own which sometimes puts distance between us and the rest of the world. The new status quo now comes from being busy with our phones, be it sharing photos with our followers or replying to those important emails. Having a fun phone accessory says a lot about you especially to your followers that follow every step of your life. Fun phone accessory takes the seriousness that people have already perceived from you away – it says I am playful despite my position as CEO of a WallStreet’s company and it almost looks as if you are poking fun at yourself, your followers, family, and friends when your mirror selfies showcase a variety of phone accessories.

If you’re on your phone these days, it is more likely to mean that your screen is in front of you or in your hands and at risk of dropping it, this can cause damage to your phone. So having Casetify provide your phone with screen protectors and phone cases that suit all of your moods is another way to invest in your precious phone.

The brand’s collection ranges from android’s accessories, cables and chargers, tech gadgets, Ipad and Macbook accessories with a price range of £10 to £150 with free worldwide shipping, available at the brand’s website –






By Lola Joseph
Imges: Casetify