Marc Jacobs FW’20 RTW

The Marc Jacobs Fall Winter 2020 collection was presented at Park Avenue Armory. Marc Jacobs awakened us all with the trend that was set on the on runway on Wednesday evening, the creations came to life with the imbued emotions and love. Marc Jacobs took risk with his designs and it’s is worth it. The style screams retro, with a modern-take, where socialites and legends of this day won’t need to gain relevance from anyone as the style speaks for it self..

The designs on the runway was inspired from the 1960s, there were boisterous teddy bear coats, animal prints, prim coats, babydoll dresses,  and embellished evening gowns. Marc Jacobs did not only wake the 1960s up but also aroused our feelings of love in this generation too. The designs were simple, chic, some pastel sweet colours, some autumnal tonal hues with accessories like scarfs, thigh boots, structured bags, satin silk marching tights, hats, socks in pumps  e.t.c. The beauty looks were from the 60s, there were nude, red, and pink lips with smoky eyes and shimmer eyes.

To top the excitement of the day, Miley Cyrus showed up on the runway wearing a black ensemble that screams retro Miley Cyrus.

During an interview, Marc Jacobs said:  “the intersection of chaos and form, the rituals of getting dressed and the power of storytelling through movement as a gesture of possibility.” Marc Jacobs created a second life for us through his collections, through the simple sophisticated gestures we make when we slither our garment off the shoulder or how we drape a coat over the elbow, something that creates memory for a garment, it’s a bit of a mind-blowing way we interact with clothes.

Here are the full collection below: