Louis Vuitton Resort’20

The Louis Vuitton cruise 2020 which took place in Newyork, was filled with embellishment, capes, sheer, satin, silhouettes that reflects art Decor like skyscrapers of Manhattan and so on. Nicola Ghesquiere said all inspiration where from the prospective of a ‘Tourist Cliche’. A tourist cliche which is about images, architectural designs, lifestyle and so on. He said “As a French designer showing here, I felt very free to express emotions and even clichés about the city. I think when you first come to New York you have so much to discover; the images are so strong in your mind.” Because the premise of a cruise show is to reflect the designer’s destination of choice, cultural clichés are inevitable.

The the creative director, Ghesquiere allowed himself to see the vision of the designs in a childlike view of Manhattan, the view that birthed designs that involve a highly embellished capes that sculpted women’s shoulders like the crowns of skyscrapers(empire state, Chrysler building). The models seemed to be high-rise structures morphed into human form, the collection that reflects Upper East Side socialites of Newyork city, covered in sparkly gems, crystals, jacquards and brocades like Jeanne d’Arcs of another time and purpose.

There are trends of the season to be noted in this collection, trends like culottes, leather, puffy sleeves, futuristic accessories, mixed prints, cinched waist, sheer, matrix boots paired with dresses and skirts(how to style your summer outfits without overheating), cold shoulders and the list goes on.  The beauty looks are not to be ignored.

Checkout below for all the looks from the fashion show:


By Lola Joseph