How To Maximise Your Capsule Wardrobe With A White Poplin Shirt

How To Maximise Your Capsule Wardrobe With A White Poplin Shirt

A poplin shirt can easily be described as a button-up shirt made with cotton fabric, the better the cotton fabric the more values and qualities are added to the shirt. The crispy and smooth it is the better the attraction.

Poplin shirts are commonly known to be menswear and found mainly in office settings but fashion has evolved and both men and women enjoy this classic fashion piece. The women had made it so fashionable that the oversized version of this shirt can be worn alone with thigh-high boots and you’re ready for the street style, or pair it with your favourite well-tailored trouser, a pair of pumps and you’re ready for work.

A poplin shirt is that one fashion piece your wardrobe needs to maximise the use of other fashion pieces, because of the different ways it can be styled, you can wear it to the club wearing it alone with a pair of thigh boots, you can wear it to a wedding pairing it with your favourite tan brown leather midi skirt/Bermuda shorts, a pair of pointy ankle boots and an oversized clutch and you’re golden. You can also wear the same poplin shirt with your favourite baggy denim trousers, a pair of white sneakers and an oversized tote bag/cross-body bag, and you’re ready for a day in the mall and drinks with friends. Poplin shirt also goes well with mini skirts and maxi denim skirts the trends of the season, it’s a must-have in an Autumn Winter wardrobe including Spring Summer wardrobe because you’ll continue reaching out for it throughout the season, it never goes out of style. It can also be used as a simple beach cover-up while on summer holidays or a social day at the beach with friends. It can also form a part of your winter layering, by wearing it under a simple camel-toned sweater, cardigan, sweater vest etc giving an overall smart casual look.

The gold standard of finding the best poplin shirt is when they come in white colour tone, with that you can wear this same shirt in every facet of lifestyle to match other outfits in your wardrobe.

A good Poplin shirt is made of 100% highly durable cotton poplin fabric which is what to look out for when looking for the best poplin shirt. Poplin cotton is a lightweight fabric, with a close/tight weave, with a soft-to-the-touch texture. It has a crisp feel and is less prone to creasing compared to the more traditional cotton fabrics.

They come in various types, some are oversized, and some are fitted, some are collarless while some are full collar, but the trending one right now is the full collar oversized type. We’re in the era of baggy and oversized everything, so the advice is to go for the new modern trending option – the oversized design with a full collar.

Discover the best white poplin shirts to maximise your winter capsule wardrobe: