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How to Bring More Travel and Adventure into Your Life.

We manifest what we want in our lives whether we are conscious of it or not. That means that the more we focus on something, the more likely it is to become a bigger part of our lives. So, the best way to bring more travel and adventure into our lives is by focusing on travel, understanding what keeps us from travelling, and seeing how to fix it.

What Keeps People from Travelling?

I just recently visited the Travel and Adventures Show in San Diego where I was able to talk to various travel experts. A lot of these people have made travel their way of life, while others think of travel as a hobby. Regardless, experts believe that the the top three reasons people don’t travel are: fear of the unknown, money, and time. In my opinion, that is relatable and true. Travel is expensive, which would automatically make money an issue for most people. Then comes time. If you have a great job and money isn’t a problem for you, odds are that you can’t find the time off to take your ultimate vacation. So, how do you bring travel into your life?

Step 1: Lower the Cost of Your Travel

While I can’t give you time, I can give you the first step to bringing travel into your life: find tips to save money on your ultimate vacation. So, research is key here! There are plenty of sites ready to give you countless tips on saving money on travel. Expert Russell Hannon has a website that gives tons of travel tips on saving money while booking your big trip. And, if you’re in the Los Angeles area, be sure to visit the Travel and Adventure Show on February 16-17th, as they have multiple lectures daily on how to save you money for travel. Plus, the show features exhibitors from around the world who are looking to give you deals on travel.

Step 2: Don’t be Afraid to Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Aside from time and money, the other big reason people don’t travel is the fear of the unknown. A few different travel experts mentioned this to me before I stepped into Josh Gate’s lecture at the Travel and Adventure Show in San Diego. Josh furthered this idea in his lecture. He explained that, as a society, we are too comfortable in our daily lives. Because our lives are now set up to cause us as little stress as possible, we aren’t stimulating our brains. If we break out of our comfort zone when travelling, we are forcing our brain to work on a different level, stimulating our brains and creating memorable adventures. So, you have to accept that going to a new location may be scary, but it will get you out of your comfort zone, which will, in turn, help you grow as a person. Travel is good for us! Don’t let your fears control you! Will Smith has been quoted as having said, “The best things in life are on the other side of fear.” Let that soak in.

Step 3: Manifest Travel with Your Thoughts and Actions

The more we think about travel, actively research and plan for trips, and accept the travel opportunities that come into our lives, the more we will travel. By saying, “Yes!” to travel and putting it into our daily thoughts, the more we will travel. It’s that simple. Make it a natural part of your everyday life and truly want it, and you will always find a way to do it