Hands Free Bracelet Bags

Bracelet bags are the little bags we carry like a wristlets but not just a typical wristlets – they are bigger than micro bags and can carry all your essentials, like phone, money travel size makeup  and keys. In the era of shrinking bags like micro bags and belt bags, the smaller the trendier. We now welcome the new bag silhouette, Bracelet Bags which has been reported to have had a 150 percent increase in searches.

Checkout below for bracelet bags to update your mini bag wardrobe:

Cult Gaia

By Far Ball Bag In Nutella

By Far

Bamboo basket bag - Article without model


Addicted Brogue Bracelet Bag | Parisa Wang

Parisa Wang

Mini bag


Angela Valentine Handbags

Image 1 of Danse Lente extra small Jhonny bucket bag

Danse Lente





By Lola Joseph
Images: Farfetch, Modesens, Parisa Wang, Chloe, Wolf & Badger, Browns Fashion, Mango
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