Hailey Bieber Debuts Her Beauty Brand Called ‘Rhode’

Hailey Bieber Debuts Her Beauty Brand Called 'Rhode'

Like many celebrities from the likes of Ariana Grande (r.e.m beauty) to Lady Gaga (Haus Labs) who have recently launched their own beauty brands, Hailey Beiber has just joined the realm of celebrity-owned beauty brands called ‘Rhode’. ‘Rhode’ is said to be Hailey’s middle name and it’s said to be a cruelty-free minimalist skincare label.

According to the press release, it’s said to be an affordable luxury skincare brand with the intention to provide gentle yet effective skincare products. “[providing] affordable, luxurious products with thoughtful intention that deliver gentle, effective skincare to invest in yourself for the long haul,”

The skincare collection includes five products – moisturiser, serum, and lip treatment of three scents – Watermelon Slice, Salted Caramel, and Unscented. Hailey said, “I live by a collection of edited essentials — one really good coat, one really good moisturizer that works perfectly for me and that I’ll always come back to,”.

Hailey Bieber Debuts Her Beauty Brand Called 'Rhode'
Image Courtesy: Rhode

Hailey Bieber Debuts Her Beauty Brand Called 'Rhode'
Image Courtesy: Rhode

According to Fashionista, Beiber said she hoped to place her brand to be a skincare line that focuses on supporting skin barriers, which she believes to be crucial for all skin types. Part of the collection includes a serum called Peptide Glazing Fluid which is said to be a fragrance-free hybrid serum gel that contains ‘Niacinamide and Hylauronic acid’ that instantly hydrate and illuminate the skin giving a glazed finish to the skin. Another potent ingredient in this serum is Marula oil – an oil that is great in supporting the skin barrier.

The fragrance-free moisturiser – Barrier Restore Cream is said to contain anti-oxidants and peptide that delivers hydrated, smoother, softer skin over a period of time. The active ingredient includes – Shea Butter for skin elasticity, Niacinamide to brighten and tighten the pores, Squalane, Peptide that plumps for younger looking skin, and Acai that is high in antioxidants to protect the skin from free radical aggressors.

Finally, we have the Lip treatment called Peptide Lip Treatment which comes in three scents. It is said to contain a combination of shea butter, peptides, and babassu to accomplish naturally plump, pillowy soft lips with a glossy finish.

There is also Rhode Futures Foundation with the aim to “support 1,000 women and their families by 2023.” which has now partnered with many other charity organisations to donate a minimum of 1% of sales and volunteer efforts to “partners who actively help women direct their own careers, health, and journey to motherhood.”

All five products are now available to shop at with a price range from $16 to $95.

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By Lola Joseph
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