Bridget Awosika SS’20

The Lagos Fashion Week has started and the day 2 of the fashion event featured designers like Bridget Awosika. The brand took its inspiration from the map of Africa whereby she designed various ensemble using the the African map as part of the design, The show was filled with trends like ruffles, silk, asymmetric silhouettes, match sets, sheer, The colours were so beautifully matched from cobalt blue to coral, some hems of the the match set designs were designed using the map of Africa. The SS’20 fashion show started with models walking down the runway in different batches, some batch were dresses with ruffles, patterns, silk and in colours like white, gold, coral, cobalt blue etc, while some batches came in a short suits and short match-sets also with patterns, tonal colours, sheer and silk. Then all the models came out all as one strutting down the runway in various designs of the collection while the creative director, Bridget Awosika herself came out and gave the audience the final bow and wave.

Here are the highlights of the day:


Lola Joseph