6 Karen Millen’s Cashmeres To Shop Right Now With 30% Off

Wearing cashmere in the winter weather is like layering -in luxury. Ultra-cosy cashmere is a stylish addition to any knitwear line-up, adding a dose of cashmere to your wardrobe this season goes a long way. Think of that warm luxury feeling that sees you through the day, it’s the work of cashmere-mix jumpers and knit tops. Wearing premium wool cardigans and scarfs are great for after-dark and sumptuous. That is why this season, we’re opting for Karen Millen brand. Karen Millen’s cashmeres are Italian cashmere that’s been woven with recycled fibres – so you don’t have to feel guilty for wearing luxury any more because you’re now doing it sustainably.

Here are the 5 cashmeres to shop at Karen Millen:

Cashmere Crew Neck Jumper | Karen Millen

Karen Millen

Crew Neck Cashmere Jumper

Cashmere Blend Roll Neck Jumper | Karen Millen

Karen Millen

Cashmere Blend Roll Neck Jumper

Karen Millen

Cashmere Blend Tunic Jumper

Karen Millen

Cashmere V Neck Jumper

Karen Millen

Cashmere Knitted Snood




By Lola Joseph
Images: Courtesy Of Karen Millen
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