Tracee Ellis Ross’s Brand ‘Pattern Beauty’ Debuts A Hair Tool

Tracee Ellis Ross's Brand Pattern Beauty Debuts A Hair Tool

Pattern beauty is a beauty brand launched by Tracee Ellis Ross back in 2018. The brand is said to be known as one of the best haircare brands for the textured hair category, it has now launched another must-have hair care product in form of a tool, a ‘blow dryer’.

‘The Pattern Blow Dryer’ is said to be created with the ‘Curl Conscious Consumer’ in mind. It retails for $189.00 and it is a tool that gives the freedom & versatility of styling due to its high-performing ‘Pattern Blow’ designed for curlies, collies, and tight textures. Its features include 4 unique attachments to help shape, stretch, smooth, and define the hair without heat damage. it also has ventilated prongs that evenly distribute air from root to tip, mimicking a natural drying, its wide tooth comb allows an easy journey when combing through wet or dry curls & coils, to detangle with even heat distribution.

Tracee Ellis Ross's Brand Pattern Beauty Debuts A Hair Tool
Photo: Courtesy of Pattern Beauty

Pattern Beauty
The Pattern Blow Dryer

According to the brand’s press release, Tracee took her time when creating this hair tool, having been a victim of using hair tools that damages and changes her curl pattern, she said: “Little did I know, it takes two years to make something that plugs into a wall. One of the biggest things is that I had a negative relationship with heat and I really longed to reframe [that], not just innovation for innovation’s sake” The pattern blow dryer was intentionally created with attention to details, from precise temperature settings to gentle, curl-minded attachments. It is lightweight and portable for easy packing. The beauty of this tool is that it has a mechanism that allows the attachments to stay in place unless a button is used to release that attachments, which offers the solution to the frustration experienced when the attachment falls off during blow drying.

The ‘Pattern Blow Dryer’ by Pattern Beauty is now available at the brand’s website, all other haircare products by Pattern Beauty are also available at various retailers from Cult Beauty to Boots in the UK.