Skims Used Celebrity Casting For Its Valentine’s Campaign

Skims Used Celebrity Casting For Its Valentine's Campaign

The world of social influencers has taken over the marketing community that not so many brands are using the good old celebrity marketing strategy. Nowadays consumers have gravitated towards organic campaigns because they see themselves in these social influencers, and they instantly connect with them and whatever they have to sell or talk about.

Skims on the other hand has proven this notion wrong, the beloved brand owned by a social influencer Kim Kardashian, casted actors Simona Tabasco and Beatrice Grannò. from an award-winning television series ‘White Lotus’ to promote its Valentine’s lingerie collection. This proves to us all that a celebrity marketing strategy where everyone wants to be or look like the celebrity in the campaign still works.

Skims Used Celebrity Casting For Its Valentine's Campaign

In the Skims campaign, the actors posed wearing simple Valentine’s inspired lingerie that everyone can relate to, to promote Skims Valentine’s Day campaign. The two actors wore a simple lace trim ‘fit everybody scoop neck and triangle bralettes’ in a romantic rose-pink colour hue, they both matched the bralettes with lace trim ‘fit everybody tanga panties’ in the same colour way. The looks were finished with pumps giving us an idea of how to stay sexy on Valentine’s Day. This simple yet effective campaign is gone viral as we speak.

This is not the only time skims had used celebrities as its marketing strategy, the brand had used supermodels like Kate Moss, and rappers like Snoop Dog and family for its holiday campaign, which brought us all a lot of cheer reminding us of the good old way to advertise where the image can stick to the mind we sometimes use them as posters in our bedrooms while growing up. Maybe now that we’re adults, we keep them as an album, a place assumed Kim & Skims are coming from.

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