Shop The High Street

Although shopping the high street has become an evil thing during this pandemic, where everyone is cutting down their expenses, company’s on furlough scheme and so on. Nevertheless, high street shopping is still a go to for a fashionista who’s looking to for edgy trends but at a reasonable price tag. Compare to the giant.

Gift Ideas For Essential Workers Around You

The current pandemic, is a reason to appreciate those who put their lives at risk to help others. It’s more or less like giving tips and small gifts to those who make our living easier during the holiday seasons. These super heroes deserve our gratitude, and accolades, i’m talking about the nurses, doctors, their assistants,.

Brighten Up Your Summer Looks With The Citrus Shades

The new colour trend of the season is citrus, these beautiful eye-catching colour shades are a must have for any wardrope. Citrus are delicious in taste and their colours are also great for summer styling. From pink grapefruit, to lemon and lime, citrus shades are the new colour trend for this warm time of the.

22 Dreamy Pastel Shoes For The Spring Summer Season

As the season changes, so are our styles. The soft pastel shades are the best color to transition into when the spring-summer approaches. The spring pastels are quintessential choices as the flower and sunshine bloom. This season is the best time to break into pale lavender, millennial pink, cheery yellow, creamsicle shades, and spring green..

Pedicure Nail Polish Shades to Flaunt This Spring

Even though we are stuck indoors, there are plenty of ways to take care of ourselves  while waiting for the pandemic to be over. We have previously learnt how to take care of our stressed skin, it’s now prime time to give our feet a little TLC. It’s time to take things up a notch.

Comfort Creams To Calm Your Stressed Skin

This pandemic time can cause you stress which can affect your skin too if you’re paying attention. From listening to the number of people dying on the news to adjusting to the new work life, can not only affect your mind but your skin too. So as you’re taking strength from praying, we should not.